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Brand Refinement

Amplify Austin Day

Amplify Austin Day has experienced many brand changes over its 12 year timeline.  In fact, up until 2022, the strategy had been to completely reimagine the logo and branding annually. This was not only costly but created brand adoption strains with strategic partners, and impacted overall campaign awareness publicly.

My goal was to solidify the branding and finally lean into an evergreen suite of assets for the first time. 


While this seems like a simple enough solution, with more than 700 nonprofit partners, and thousands of community stakeholders, the end result required branding that could be easily templated and recognized across a variety of audiences. 

Based on initial design concepts by Way Creative, I lead the creation of an accessible and robust brand guide/toolkit that could be used by any partner, no matter their talents and resources. This was inclusive of a new logo lockup, ready-to-print PDFs, editable Canva templates, and even design files for those with more marketing experience.

We intentionally chose type faces, shapes, a color pallet, and illustrations that allowed the participating nonprofits to express their own creativity while still maintaining a cohesive campaign look.   

The results have not only given more time back to the Amplify Austin Day production team but have also led to higher rates of social media engagement during the campaign period.


Strategy, Creative Direction, Design + Messaging, Brand Guide, Toolkit Creation

Amplify Austin Day

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