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Building Brochures


As WeWork grew its location portfolio, the need for easily replicated professional collateral for each building became a necessity. I was tasked with developing a sustainable solution for the global collateral problem.


Each building brochure required the flexibility to meet the unique needs of the individual locations while maintaining WeWork's brand standards. The collateral needed to be multi-functional, beautiful, and most importantly, quick to produce.

The final brochure system included:

  • Template variations to match each building's photography and floor plans

  • Mad Libs style, plug-and-play copy options to speed up the copywriting time and maintain brand voice and tone rules 

  • Printable brochure, and PowerPoint versions to maximize the sales team's capabilities

  • Process for collecting the correct content for each building across multiple teams quickly and efficiently

  • Building photography guidelines


Strategy, Copywriting, and Launch Plan 

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